What is “Radically Open” DBT?

Radically Open (RO) DBT is relatively new and targets problems of overcontrol, such as undereating, overworking, and perfectionism. Common diagnoses for those who benefit from RO-DBT include obsessive-compulsive disorder, treatment-resistant depression, anorexia, and autism.

Overcontrolled individuals direct emotions inward and have difficulty with appropriate social signaling. For example, they may look and act disinterested in others. This can lead to exclusion from social groups (family, workplace, etc.) Overcontrolled individuals also have difficulty receiving feedback from others. This makes change hard.

RO-DBT utilizes a gentle approach to introspection and behavioral change. Clients are encourage to ask themselves questions and to run their own “experiments” regarding their thoughts and interactions. Clients are encouraged to embrace change while recognizing that change is uncomfortable.

I teach both traditional and RO-DBT skills in my DBT groups.